So I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Property Geek himself Rob Dix for his podcast series on managing properties.

You can listen here, or find on iTunes here.

Of the multitude of property commentators out there Rob is one of the few I read and listen to. He has a light hearted tone, but his content is packed with informative insights and value. Plus it’s honest, there’s no BS in his material.

The Podcast

From fighting a genuine BBC rogue trader* for £000’s he owed us, to trusting your gut instinct and distinguishing between core competency and commodity (to borrow from the wisdom of Jeff Bezos), we covered some ground.

Ignoring the discomfort of later listening back to my own voice, it was fun and somewhat of a novelty.

And best of all it shortcutted an article I was writing on why we manage properties ourselves instead of simply outsourcing it all to a high street agent.

So I don’t have to write anything, you can listen to it here!

How to be a Landlord

And on managing properties, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t link up Rob’s new book How to be a Landlord. Again, it’s a wealth of knowledge and experience disguised as an extremely readable book.

If you want to be a landlord you can’t go wrong with this book; if you are a landlord it’s an essential reference (I’d be surprised if even the most experienced still didn’t pick up something new); and importantly if you own property and outsource management- definately read this book and make sure you know what your agents should know!

(and by the way there’s is no disclosure needed here- I’m not getting anything for this recommendation, it’s just a helpful resource)

It’s fresh out on Amazon. I’ve read an early PDF preview but for 12 quid I’ll be buying a copy to keep on the shelf.


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* The comment by HLY on the youtube comments section sums this guy up pretty well.

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